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Meet The Team
All of our teachers are carefully hand picked, DBS-checked and extremely experienced in their discipline.


Prussia Hawker

Italia Conti trained Prussia, manages our Newent school and teaches musical theatre at Cheltenham.


Steph Brown

Steph is our Mini Stars teacher and teaches LAMDA tuition in Tewkesbury. She studied at the University of Gloucester and works professionally as an actress when she’s not working at Theatre Stars.


Tom Newton

Tom teaches drama and manages our Cheltenham School as well as teaching drama at  Newent Theatre Stars. Tom combines his work at Theatre Stars with lecturing at The University of Gloucestershire. Tom is our first aider at Cheltenham and Newent.


Anna Kosinska

Anna is an ex-Theatre Stars-Bright-Stars student. She has been promoted to our Tewkesbury singing teacher. She is studying for her Silver LAMDA.


Jon Morgan

Jon, our Director and Founder at Theatre Stars works on the business-side, looking for new opportunities to reach more students. He has been passionate about performance from a young age and appears in advertisements and productions around the UK. He enjoys working with students whenever he is given the opportunity. 


Hannah Teed

Hannah is an ex-Newent Shooting Stars student and now teaches our Mini Stars at Cheltenham. Alongside Theatre Stars she works with young children throughout the week. This experience reflect in her approach to reassure and work with children.​


Ellie Hather

Tewkesbury School drama teacher Ellie and is a graduate from The University of Gloucestershire. She hopes to bring her passion for performing to Theatre Stars.


Izzy Carter

Izzy is an ex-Cheltenham Shooting Stars Cheltenham student (for 6 years) and now assists with Cheltenham Mini Stars. Izzy is studying Performing Arts outside her teaching at Theatre Stars and has been involved in many professional performances.

Hannah Edwards

Hannah is currently studying for her LADMA with Theatre Stars. Hannah assists with Mini Stars in Tewkesbury. As a very keen and accomplished dancer, she has earned numerous awards.

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